Bath Mini Metal

Bath Mini Metal

SKU: SE.31.0061-01

The Bath Mini Metal is a compact and durable laboratory instrument designed for controlled heating applications. It ensures uniform temperature distribution during experiments. Ideal for sample preparation, viscosity testing, or any process requiring consistent and controlled heating. 

  • Quick heating, with overheat protection mechanism
  • Capacitive touchpad, responsive
  • Easy to observe and use


Range of Application: 0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0ml Centrifuge tube
Temp Control: ±0.1℃
Temp Uniformity: ±0.3℃
Screen: Capacitive touch screen, LCD display
Voltage: 100-220V, 50-60HZ
Dimensions: 157*115*100mm

Takes Tubes:

0.2ml x 8 place
0.5ml x 8 place
1.5ml x 8 place
2.0ml x 10 place

Product Code: SE.31.0061-01
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