Basic Educational Solar Kit

Basic Educational Solar Kit


Item: 3 Experiments In Jar

3 Experiments In Jar
Spare Fan
Spare Wire / 1xM
Spare Motor / 0.45V
SKU: SE.31.4016-01

A Basic Educational Solar Kit lets students experiment with light-to-electrical power conversion and use the electrical energy to power a fan, vibrate materials, and heat a light bulb filament. 

The kit includes:

  • 1  Solar cell  rated at 1.0 Volt and 400 mA under direct sunlight
  • 1  Electric motor specially designed to run at very low voltage
  • 1  Plastic fan to fit to the motor
  • 1  Lamp socket and lamp of the correct rating to glow when 1 volt is applied
  • 1  Buzzer,  suitable for very low voltage operation
  • 1  Pair of connection cables with Alligator clips at each end
  • Information & instruction sheet
Product Code Item
SE.31.4016-01 3 Experiments In Jar
SE.31.4025-01 Spare Fan 
SE.31.4035-01 Spare Wire / 1xM
SE.31.4055-01 Spare Motor / 0.45V

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    3 Experiments In Jar, Spare Fan, Spare Wire / 1xM, Spare Motor / 0.45V
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