Balloon Ball Paper Pack of 10

Balloon Ball Paper Pack of 10

SKU: SE.31.1764-01

The Balloon Ball Paper Pack from Narika Product is a useful and budget-friendly resource for science classes. 

Its inflatable design adds a playful touch to experiments and demonstrations, particularly in physics where concepts like air pressure and volume can easily be explored. In such experiments, students can understand gas laws by changing the balloon's volume and pressure.

Furthermore, these lightweight and safe paper balloon balls are perfect for studying buoyancy and aerodynamics. Additionally, the Balloon Ball Paper Pack can be used to represent cell structures and microorganisms, providing students with a tangible and visual aid for learning biological concepts.

Plus, inflating the Balloon by bouncing it from hand to hand or person to person is a fun activity and a great icebreaker.

Pack/10 pcs

*Inflate by bouncing from hand to hand or person to person
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