Analytical Funnels Polypropylene

Analytical Funnels Polypropylene


Diameter: 35mm

SKU: P57199

Analytical Funnels Polypropylene represents essential apparatus in laboratories for various analytical and filtration tasks. These funnels are particularly suitable for a wide array of applications, including separating and transferring substances. 

Analytical Funnels Polypropylene is a reliable and precise laboratory tool. Made of thermally stable polypropylene, these funnels are suitable for long-term use with an array of chemicals and solutions. With excellent chemical resistance, these funnels can handle a wide variety of applications.

The analytical funnel is designed specifically for analytical chemistry, the body of the funnel is 60°. Moulded in PP,  to prevent blockage these funnels are provided with internal & external ribs to prevent air blockage.

Material: Polypropylene

Brand: PolyLab

Other sizes are available as per the table below. Contact us for further information.

Code Size Inside φ Stem Length
P57199 35 mm 35 37
P57200 50 mm 50 49
P57201 62 mm 62 62
P57202 75 mm 75 77
P57203 100 mm 100 95
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35mm, 50mm, 62mm, 75mm, 100mm
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