Type: Electric / High Impedance

Electric / High Impedance
Electric / Very Low Impedance
Audio / Low Voltage
Audio / Large Speaker
Dual / Mains Powered
SKU: SE.LB0070-001

Electric amplifiers increase electrical signals, audio amplifiers amplify audio signals, and dual amplifiers have two channels for stereo and audio.

A. Electric / High Impedance: Amplifies small currents for easy measurement on a standard bench meter

B. Electric / Very Low Impedance: Amplifies small DC currents for easy measurement on a standard bench meter. Adjustable gain ranges from 1:10 to 1:1000, allowing an input of 1 microamp to produce an output of approx. 1mA on a bench meter or multimeter.

C. Audio / Low Voltage: Runs on either a 9V battery or 12V AC/DC power supply. The small speaker is suitable for laboratory use, providing adequate output volume and sound quality.

D. Audio / Large Speaker: Versatile audio device for classrooms, equipped with both mains power and speaker switches.

E. Dual / Mains Powered: Contains 2 independent amplifiers: a 10Hz to 10MHz AC amplifier with a fixed gain of 100, and an Audio frequency amplifier with DC to 10kHz and up to 500 gain over 6 switchable steps.

Product Code Type Description Weight Manual
SE.LB0070-001 Electric / High Impedance for Franck Hertz etc. 0.25 kg See Here
SE.LB0071-001 Electric / Very Low Impedance for Electromagnetic Induction etc. 0.17 kg See Here
SE.LB0080-001 Audio / Low Voltage 9-12V AC/DC 50/60Hz 0.43 kg See Here
SE.LB0081-001 Audio / Large Speaker 240V AC 50/60Hz 1.1 kg See Here
SE.LB0082-001 Dual / Mains Powered 0.8 kg See Here
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Electric / High Impedance, Electric / Very Low Impedance, Audio / Low Voltage, Audio / Large Speaker, Dual / Mains Powered
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