Aluminium Pulley

Aluminium Pulley


Style: Single

Double In Line
Triple In Line
SKU: SE.31.0337-01

The Aluminium Pulley is commonly utilized as a fundamental part in mechanical systems and industrial machinery, as well as in physics experiments. Pulleys function to redirect and guide the motion of a flexible belt or cable, typically in combination with other pulleys, in order to transmit force or achieve mechanical advantage. In Physics, this is used to demonstrate force, motion, and energy transfer in physics experiments and mechanical setups with pulleys.

The aluminum in the pulley design makes it a sturdy yet lightweight construction, making it ideal for situations where weight is a crucial factor, such as in mechanical setups, experiments, or systems where minimizing mass is of utmost importance. Its specific applications can vary widely, from physics demonstrations to practical use in a variety of industries and equipment. 

Product Code Type Diameter
SE.31.0337-01 Single 50mm
SE.31.0338-01 Double In Line 50mm
SE.31.0338-02 Double 50mm
SE.31.0348-01 Triple In Line 50mm
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