Alnico Horseshoe Magnet

Alnico Horseshoe Magnet


Size: 25mm L x 9x9mm

25mm L x 9x9mm
50mm L x 10x8mm
75mm L x 12x5
100mm L x 12x5
150mm L x15x5
SKU: SE.31.0413-01

The Alnico Horseshoe Magnet is perfect for industrial and educational purposes. Made with Alnico, a strong aluminum-nickel-cobalt alloy, it's ideal for experiments and demonstrations in magnetism and magnetic fields. The unique shape helps provide a strong and focused magnetic field, making it ideal for experiments and various applications. 

Product Code: Dimensions
SE.31.0413-01 25mm L x 9x9mm
SE.31.0433-01 50mm L x 10x8mm
SE.31.0443-01 75mm L x 12x5
SE.31.0453-01 100mm L x 12x5
SE.31.0463-01 150mm L x15x5
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25mm L x 9x9mm, 50mm L x 10x8mm, 75mm L x 12x5, 100mm L x 12x5, 150mm L x15x5
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