Alnico Cylindrical Magnet

Alnico Cylindrical Magnet


Size: 30x10mm

SKU: SE.31.0363-01

The Alnico Cylindrical Magnet is widely used in science and laboratory environments for various purposes. Its cylindrical design, often with a central through-hole for convenient installation, makes it perfect for experiments related to magnetic fields, magnetic induction, and electromagnetism. Experts and professionals rely on these magnets for educational demonstrations, where they can showcase the basic principles of magnetism and magnetic interactions with precision. 

With its cylindrical shape, it is designed to attract and hold heavy or small items with precision, making it a valuable tool for any professional in need of reliable magnetic force.

Product Code: Dimensions (LxD)
SE.31.0363-01 30x10mm
SE.31.0393-01 100x10mm
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30x10mm, 100x10mm
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