Air Track Spark Recording Kit 2.5mm

Air Track Spark Recording Kit 2.5mm with Spare Parts


Item: Spark Recording Kit / 2.5mm

Spark Recording Kit / 2.5mm
Paper Track / 2.5m
Spark Track / 2.5m
SKU: SE.MF0105-401

The Air Track Spark Recording Kit 2.5mm includes accessories and equipment for carrying out spark recording experiments on air tracks. These kits improve air track performance by utilizing electrodes, sensors, and recording devices to provide visual or auditory indications of motion. Ideal for investigating physics principles such as motion, collisions, and conservation of momentum in laboratory settings.

This Air Track kit provides all necessary parts, except the Spark Generator, for frictionless operation. The electrodes transmit electricity to paper tapes, producing black dots used for calculating velocities and accelerations.

*spark generator sold separately

Brand: IEC 

Product Code Items Descriptions
SE.MF0105-401 Spark Recording Kit / 2.5mm Read Instruction Sheet
SE.PA0130-084 Paper Track / 2.5mm With metal strip & 4mm socket
SE.PA0130-086 Spark Track / 2.5mm With 2 metal strips/sockets for EHV cables
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Spark Recording Kit / 2.5mm, Paper Track / 2.5m, Spark Track / 2.5m
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