Air Track Standard Operation Kit
Air Track Standard Operation Kit Gliders
Air Track Standard Operation Kit Track Pulley Screw Buffer
Air Track Operation Kit Track Pulley Magnet Holder Weights
Air Track Standard Operation Kit Coil Spring

Air Track Standard Operation Kit with Spare Parts


Item: Standard Operation Kit

Standard Operation Kit
Glider 200mm / Black
Glider 200mm / Gold
Glider 100mm / Black
Glider 100mm / Gold
Nylon Pulley
Attachment Screw
Buffer / Elastic
Buffer / Non-Elastic
Flat Loop Holder
Slotted Weights
Inclination Blocks
Spring Loop / 30cmd
Spring Loop / 15cmd
Coil Spring / 300mm
Coil Spring / 50mm
Manual / 2.5m
Manual / 2m
SKU: SE.MF0133-001

Air tracks are commonly used in physics education to demonstrate principles of motion, with minimal friction. The kit includes a track, gliders, and accessories for experiments and demonstrations. A manual and safety precautions ensure safe and interactive learning.

This operation kit contains a comprehensive array of materials for conducting experiments, designed for both 2m and 2.5m tracks. It includes 2 long and 2 short gliders, spring buffers, non-spring buffers, various springs, a track pulley, loop springs, magnets, weights, and inclination blocks accompanied by detailed instructions.

Brand: IEC 

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Product Code Type Desc,
SE.MF0133-001 Standard Operation Kit for both 2.0 & 2.5M Linear Air tracks
SE.PA0130-024 Glider 200mm / Black w/weight carrier blocks, 200g
SE.PA0130-024A Glider 200mm / Gold w/weight carrier blocks, 200g
SE.PA0130-025 Glider 100mm / Black w/weight carrier blocks, 100g
SE.PA0130-025A Glider 100mm / Gold w/weight carrier blocks, 100g
SE.PA0130-046A Nylon Pulley pulley on strip, for end of track, w/flat top attachment screw, to fix to end fitting of air tube
SE.PA0130-026 Attachment Screw for clamping attachments, w/grooved stem; hold items into gliders
SE.PA0130-032A Buffer / Elastic bumpers for gliders, with molding; s/steel, fits to end of tracks and ends of gliders
SE.PA0130-073A Buffer / Non-Elastic with velcro, to fit to the end of glider
SE.PA0130-031 Magnet for Glider Alnico, fits glider spine, 50g mass
SE.PA0130-035A Flat Loop Holder holds loop springs
SE.PA0130-042 Slotted Weights set of 12, for gliders, 4x50g, 4x25g, 4x10g
SE.PA0130-047 Inclination Blocks set of 4, moldings; 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 20mm
SE.PA0130-033 Spring Loop / 30cmd to join 2 gliders
SE.PA0130-034 Spring Loop / 15cmd burst between gliders
SE.PA0130-038A Coil Spring / 300mm for  simple harmonic motion experiments
SE.PA0130-038B Coil Spring / 50mm for lattice experiments
SE.PA0130-071A Manual / 2.5m for assembly and operation
SE.PA0130-071B Manual / 2m for assembly and operation
Additional Information

Standard Operation Kit, Glider 200mm / Black, Glider 200mm / Gold, Glider 100mm / Black, Glider 100mm / Gold, Nylon Pulley, Attachment Screw, Buffer / Elastic, Buffer / Non-Elastic, Magnet, Flat Loop Holder, Slotted Weights, Inclination Blocks, Spring Loop / 30cmd, Spring Loop / 15cmd, Coil Spring / 300mm, Coil Spring / 50mm, Manual / 2.5m, Manual / 2m
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