Air Track Kit Photogates and Cables

Air Track Kit Photogates and Cables with Spare Parts

SKU: SE.MF0138-001

This Air Track Kit with Photogates and Cables is ideal for physics experiments involving motion and mechanics. It features a frictionless air track and sensors for precise measurements. This demonstrates concepts like Newton's laws and conservation of momentum.

The Air Track Kit Photogates and Cables includes 2 universal Photo Gates with all necessary cables and plugs to connect to a digital Timer. Special legs allow for secure attachment to the triangular Air Track, allowing for adjustable placement along the track.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Photogates
  • 4 x Extension legs to ‘click’ to the edge of the linear Air Tracks
  • 4 x Pairs of cables, 1500mm long, for connection to timer and power source

Brand: IEC 

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Product Code Type Descriptions
SE.MF0138-001 2 Photogates and Cables 160x160x430mm (lwh), timer not included
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