Air Track Booster Kit
Air Track Booster Kit

Air Track Booster Kit with Spare Parts


Item: Booster Kit

Booster Kit
Compensating Weight & Screw
Stop Block Carrier
Cast Iron Stop Block
Screw & Nut for Stop Block
SKU: SE.MF0136-101

The Air Track Booster Kit improves existing air track systems with extra air blowers, advanced control units, specialized gliders, expansion components, upgraded sensors, and instructional materials for more advanced experiments in physics education or research settings.

The booster kit includes additional parts for expanding the standard operation kit. It is compatible with both 2m and 2.5m tracks and comes with extra gliders and a heavy cast 'Stop Block' for dividing longer Air Tracks into two shorter ones. This 'Stop Block' is especially useful for 2.5m or longer tracks.

Brand: IEC 

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Product Code Type Desc,
SE.MF0136-101 Booster Kit extra gliders & parts, heavy cast 'Stop Block' & felt lined glider
SE.PA0130-044/0 Compensating Weight & Screw for 200g glider; old style
SE.PA0130-048 Stop Block Carrier Felt Lined divides track into two, 120mm
SE.PA0130-049 Cast Iron Stop Block weight rests on glider, heavy
SE.PA0130-050 Screw & Nut for Stop Block attach weight to glider
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Booster Kit, Compensating Weight & Screw, Stop Block Carrier, Cast Iron Stop Block, Screw & Nut for Stop Block
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