Linear Air Track
Linear Air Track
Linear Air Track
Linear Air Track

Air Track Air Tubes with End Seals


Size: 2.5mm


Components: Air Tube and Ends Only

Air Tube and Ends Only
Sub Base and 12 Stud Kit
Air Track Complete w/Kits
Sub Base and 10 Stud Kit
SKU: SE.MF0105-001

The Linear Air Track enables the examination of mechanics, in both quantitative and qualitative aspects, by offering a nearly frictionless platform for conducting a wide variety of experiments. It is designed to promote hands-on experimentation and inquiry-based learning in the field of physics. It provides a controlled and reproducible environment for studying fundamental concepts in mechanics and analyzing motion. 

Brand: IEC 

Product Code Length Components Weight Manual
SE.MF0105-001 2.5m Air Tube & Ends Only 3.3 kg See Here
SE.MF0105-005 2.5m Sub Base & 12 Stud Kit See Here
SE.MF0105Z-001 2.5m Air Track Complete w/Kits 5.7 kg See Here
SE.MF0107-001 2.0m Air Tube & Ends Only 3.1 kg See Here
SE.MF0107-005 2.0m Sub Base & 10 Stud Kit
See Here
SE.MF0107Z-001 2.0m Air Track Complete w/Kits 5.2 kg See Here
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2.5mm, 2mm


Air Tube and Ends Only, Sub Base and 12 Stud Kit, Air Track Complete w/Kits, Sub Base and 10 Stud Kit
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