Air Table Kit
Air Table Pins
Air Table Kit Puck and Weights Set
Air Table Magnet, String and Strip
Air Table Puck Non-Elastic Collision Bands

Air Table Kit with Spare Parts and Accessories


Type: Kit Only

Kit Only
Bumper Wire / Long
Bumper Wire / Short
Hollow Center Pin
Pivot Pin
Weights Set / Large
Weights Set / Small
Puck with Weights / Large
Puck with Weights / Small
Puck with Magnet / Small
Joining Spring / Small
Joining Strip
Circular Magnet
Bronze Spring
Puck Non-Elastic Collision Bands / Large
Puck Non-Elastic Collision Bands / Small
SKU: SE.PA0150-020

An Air Table Kit is a specialized equipment used in science and laboratory settings for physics experiments involving dynamics and friction, and in studying momentum, collisions, and classical mechanics. It's similar to an air hockey table, where compressed air creates a thin layer of air between the table and objects to reduce frictional forces.

Spare Parts and Accessories are vital for minimizing downtime, ensuring continuity of experiments, maintaining equipment performance, and providing flexibility and adaptability. They also offer cost savings compared to emergency repairs. 

Brand: IEC 

Product Code Items Descriptions
SE.PA0150-020 Kit Only No table & adjustment feet
SE.PA0150-016 Bumper Wire Bronze, long side
SE.PA0150-017 Bumper Wire Bronze, short side
SE.PA0150-019 Hollow Center Pin For table, for cord
SE.PA0150-009 Pivot Pin For center of table
SE.PA0150-013 Weights Set Large, Brass
SE.PA0150-014 Weights Set Small, Brass
SE.PA0150-002 Puck with Weights Large
SE.PA0150-003 Puck with Weights Small
SE.PA0150-004 Puck with Magnet Small
SE.PA0150-010 Joining Spring / Small For joining pucks to make lattices
SE.PA0150-008 Joining Strip With pivot mounted at center
SE.PA0150-012 Circular Magnet Fit small pucks
SE.PA0150-018 Bronze Spring Holds jumper Wires
SE.PA0150-006 Puck Non-Elastic Collision Bands Large pair of hook & claw Velcro bands
SE.PA0150-007 Puck Non-Elastic Collision Bands Small pair of hook & claw Velcro bands 
Additional Information

Kit Only, Bumper Wire / Long, Bumper Wire / Short, Hollow Center Pin, Pivot Pin, Weights Set / Large, Weights Set / Small, Puck with Weights / Large, Puck with Weights / Small, Puck with Magnet / Small, Joining Spring / Small, Joining Strip, Circular Magnet, Bronze Spring, Puck Non-Elastic Collision Bands / Large, Puck Non-Elastic Collision Bands / Small
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