Analytical Electronic Balances

Advanced Analytical Electronic Balances GR Series


Capacity: 120g x 0.1mg

120g x 0.1mg
210g x 0.1mg
310g x 0.1mg
42/210g x 0.01/0.1mg
SKU: GR-120

The GR Series Advanced Analytical Electronic Balances are used for obtaining precise measurements in scientific experiments and analyses. They are relied upon in quality control labs to ensure consistency and accuracy in manufactured goods, especially in industries like pharmaceuticals and food production where precise measurements are vital for meeting quality and safety standards. 

Additionally, these balances are essential in pharmaceutical testing labs for monitoring medication quality and obtaining accurate and precise measurements of pharmaceutical compounds. Their advanced features, including an internal automatic calibration function, RS232 data output, and data logging capabilities, improve efficiency and precision in scientific measurements, making them an essential tool for any scientific research and analysis.

Standard Accessories

  • Instruction manual
  • AC Adapter
  • Reference Card
Physical Dimensions (mm): 249 (W) × 330 (D) × 328 (H)
Interface: RS-232-C
Weighing Units: 13 plus counting & percentage
Data Memory: up to 200 sets of weighing data
Stabilization Time: 3.5 / 8 seconds (typically)
Power Supply: Approx. 11VA (supplied to the AC adapter)
Weight: 6.0kg

Product Code Capacity Weighing Pan
GR-120 120g x 0.1mg Ø85 mm / 3.3 inches
GR-200 210g x 0.1mg Ø85 mm / 3.3 inches
GR-300 310g x 0.1mg Ø85 mm / 3.3 inches
42/210g x 0.01/0.1mg
Ø85 mm / 3.3 inches

Product Features

  • Ergonomic, space-saving design
  • Easy access door to the weighing chamber
  • Splash proof keyboard and display
  • Quick reference card
  • Advanced, reliable, accurate weighing for laboratory balance
  • Full digital, automatic calibration using internal motor driven masses
  • Two layer housing construction minimizes the negative effects of ambient temperature changes
  • Range of capacities and resolutions
  • Built in underhook capability
  • One touch calibration with one press of the CAL key
  • Pull out quick reference card gives convenient operation instructions
  • GLP compliant data output format to match quality systems

Product Brochure and Manual

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Additional Information

120g x 0.1mg, 210g x 0.1mg, 310g x 0.1mg, 42/210g x 0.01/0.1mg
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