47mm Membrane Polysulfone Funnel Set

47mm Membrane Funnel Set

SKU: Tar.050040

The 47mm Membrane Funnel Set provides accurate and rapid filtration for lab applications, boasting a design that facilitates filtration with accuracy and ease. Expertly crafted to guarantee a streamlined filtration process, this funnel set is an indispensable component for laboratories requiring quick and effective separation of solids from liquids.

Filter Funnel Cup 250ml with Clamp- 47 mm Membrane

Tarsons Reusable Filter Funnel with Clamp to test high throughput particle and microbiological QC testing. The quick-release clamp provides fast and easy retrieval of membranes for efficient processing of large numbers of samples. The polysulfone funnel is strong, durable, break-resistant, non-toxic and can be repeatedly washed and autoclaved. PSF confirming to US FDA 21 CFR


  • For microbiology, biochemistry, hydrology (DNA/RNA)
  • Beverage analysis & food testing.
  • Protein binding, gravimetric analysis, California, yeast, mould total bacteria & sterility testing.
  • Residue precipitate analysis and contamination tests.
  • General Liquid Filtration.

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