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Common Lab Glassware and its Uses

Glassware is a common material found extensively in laboratories in the form of equipment. Since their inception, laboratories have demanded and utilized various types of glass materials according to their specific experimental requirements and reagents used. While standard consumer-grade or ‘soda-lime’ glass is adequate for normal use, borosilicate glass expands lesser. Thus it is more tolerant to rapid heat and cold changes. When labs need glass heating to temperatures higher than 450 degrees, fused silica is the best option [...]

plastic vs glass

Plastic Vs Glass in Laboratory

Traditionally, glass and steel lab ware had been the choice of laboratories all over the world. Catering to the demands of laboratory scientists, the best possible containers are made available that serve their purpose. While glass was the first preference due to its significant properties like transparency, lesser reactivity with reagents and economic costs, the lab industry is now switching to more of plastic. Let’s know more about plastic and glass and their comparative use in laboratories. Glass Has its [...]