Universal pH Indicator
Universal pH Indicator

Universal pH Indicator


Size: pH 1-14

pH 1-14
pH 2-10
SKU: SE.31.3859-01

Universal pH indicators change color depending on the pH level of a solution. There are two types, pH 1-14 and pH 2-10, each designed for specific applications depending on their pH range sensitivity.

  1. Universal pH Indicator pH 1-14: Covers the entire pH scale, from highly acidic to highly alkaline. It is commonly used in scientific, educational, and laboratory settings where a wide pH range needs to be measured.

  2. Universal pH Indicator pH 2-10: More targeted, focusing on a smaller range of pH values, often utilized in situations where the pH level is expected to be between 2 and 10, making it appropriate for various biological and chemical processes that take place in a moderately acidic to moderately alkaline setting.

Product Code Type Description
SE.31.3859-01 pH 1-14 / Pack of 200 Read Instructions
SE.31.3858-01 pH 2-10 / Vial of 100

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pH 1-14, pH 2-10

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