Sealing Film, Parafilm® M

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    Sealing Film, Parafilm

    Sealing Film Parafilm
    Sealing Film, Parafilm
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    Sealing Film, Parafilm

    Parafilm® M is a unique, versatile, moisture-resistant, thermoplastic flexible plastic used for a wide variety of clinical and industrial applications. Parafilm® M film has been used in scientific research and laboratories. Parafilm® M can be stretched up to 200% and clings around irregular shapes and surfaces. It holds moisture loss to a minimum. It offers excellent protection for the contents of tubes, flasks, and Petri dishes. The thickness of all Parafilm products is 127µm. Parafilm® M comes in the size of  5 cm.  x 7600 cm. or 10 cm. x 3800 cm.

    Brand: Parafilm® M

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