Chemistry Model Atomic 30 Lugs 75 Balls Junior Set

Chemistry Atomic Model Junior Set

SKU: SE.31.CM0342-01

The Chemistry Atomic Model Junior Set is a crucial tool for scientific learning and exploration in chemistry. Each lug and ball represents an atomic structure, allowing students to create molecular models and gain hands-on experience with chemical compounds. By assembling atoms of different elements using the lugs and balls, students can visualize the geometric arrangement of atoms in molecules.

This hands-on approach aids in understanding molecular structures, bond angles, and the three-dimensional nature of chemical compounds. It is a valuable resource for teaching molecular geometry, isomerism, and chemical reactions, making it an essential tool for educators seeking to provide engaging and informative chemistry lessons. 

Product Code:
Large Balls: 25mm
Small Balls: 18.5mm
Includes 30 lugs, 75 balls
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