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Float Racks for Micro Centrifuge Tubes, Polypropylene -  Science Lab Equipment | Science Equip Australia
Float Racks for Micro Centrifuge Tubes Polypropylene are durable and chemically resistant and provide a reliable storage and organization solution for labs. Capable of withstanding extended use, these racks guarantee...
Rotatable Multi rack
The Rotatable Multi Rack store and provide access to tubes, vials, and other small containers. Its rotational design, enable scientists to conveniently access materials from any angle without having to...
Bottle Carrier Plastic Coated
Bottle Carrier Plastic Coated serves a vital role in the secure handling and movement of liquid specimens and reagents. Providing a secure base for a variety of laboratory flask sizes,...
Cavity Tile Plastic Porcelain
$3.90 – $7.80
A Cavity Tile , also called a spotting plate, are commonly used for spot tests in qualitative analysis, for chromatography experiments, and observing reactions on a small scale like color...
Cell Culture Plate Well Sterile
6 Wells12 Wells24 Wells48 Wells96 Wells
$128.70 – $260.00
The Cell Culture Plate Well Sterile contains a plastic or glass plate with several wells, specifically created for cell cultures. Each well is designed to maintain a sterile environment, allowing...
Staining Box
A Staining Box is an invaluable laboratory asset. Typically made of chemical-resistant polypropylene, these resilient boxes enable precise and efficient staining and slide processing. Multiple compartments also make it possible...
Foldable Crate
A Foldable Crates is an invaluable resource for scientists and laboratories, providing efficient and flexible storage solutions for the transport and organization of laboratory supplies and materials. Featuring foldable and...
Thermometer Tray Wooden
This Thermometer Tray holds 10 thermometers, making it a valuable organizational instrument in scientific and laboratory settings. It is particularly useful in fields that require careful temperature monitoring, such as...
Digital Refractometer Bench Top
A Digital Refractometer Bench Top is used in laboratories, research, and education settings for measuring the refractive index of liquids, solids, or semi-solids and is also suitable for quality control...
Bench Mat Silicone
$8.98 – $24.98
The Bench Mat Silicone is suitable for a variety of uses in laboratories, such as schools, universities, and industries. It effectively protects work surfaces from extreme temperatures. Features: Long-lasting/hard-wearing Available...
Lab Glass Reactor Benchtop
A Lab Glass Reactor Benchtop is an essential part of laboratory equipment, utilized for conducting chemical reactions. These reactors offer precise, dependable operation. Temperature and pressure can be regulated with...
Mini Rotary Shaker
This Mini Rotary Shaker is used to agitate liquid samples with a rotating platform. Its compact size and portability make it a great choice for use in small laboratory areas,...