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Graduated Conical Glass Centrifuge Tubes
$18.98 – $30.98
Glass Conical Centrifuge Tubes Graduated Interchangeable Stopper are pivotal tools used in laboratory settings for various applications requiring centrifugation. Their conical design allows for the separation of substances based on...
Burettes PTFE Stopcock Class B Borosilicate Glass
$32.98 – $64.98
Burettes crafted from Class B Borosilicate glass with accompanying PTFE Stopcocks are irreplaceable lab tools, ideal for accurate liquid measurements and dispensing. The PTFE Stopcock allows for precision liquid delivery,...
Crow Receiver with Interchangeable Stopper
$34.98 – $49.98
The Crow Receiver with Interchangeable Stopper Class B is designed for distillation purposes and for ensuring precision volume measurements. Class B construction ensures accuracy and thermal resistance, making it ideal...
Glass Measuring Cylinders Interchangeable Stoppers Class A
$28.98 – $279.98
Glass measuring cylinders with interchangeable stoppers and Class A accuracy are essential laboratory equipment for precise volume measurements. Versatile to accommodate different applications, these cylinders are essential for providing consistent...
Chromatography Reservoir -Biomass Flask
$42.98 – $239.98
The Chromatography Reservoir - Biomass Flask is essential for precise separations and biomass growing in laboratories. It facilitates precise sample treatment, guaranteeing dependable results. This flask streamlines laboratory operations and...
Distilling Flasks with Side Arm
$16.98 – $24.98
Distilling Flasks with Side Arm is a vital laboratory tool for carrying out distillation processes. Users can attach condensers, thermometers, or other equipment to the flask. This design makes fractionation of...
TGA Listed Face Masks 4 Ply
TGA Listed Facemasks are manufactured to the specifications of ASTM 2100 Level 3, a 4 Ply non-woven fabric with the ear loop, and are widely used in medical, dental, laboratory, food...
Spigot Stopcock for Lab bottles
This stopcock is made of Polypropylene by PolyLab. Spigot/stopcocks are autoclavable, dependable, and durable. The leak-proof spigot screwed to the bottle body requires only a half turn to open or...
Rubber Adapter Filtration Flask
250ml/500ml1L/2L Flask5L Flask
$7.98 – $19.98
The Rubber Adapter Filtration Flask is an essential piece of lab equipment for filtration. It consists of a rubber adapter firmly attached to the neck of a filtration flask, providing...
Thistle Top Funnels
Thistle Top Funnels are laboratory instruments frequently employed for regulated liquid transfer. They have long tubes with enlarged tops, resembling a thistle, permitting accurate pouring or directed dispensation of liquids...
Flat Bottom Boiling Flasks Four Neck Jointed
$49.98 – $234.98
Flat Bottom Boiling Flasks Four Neck four necks are essential laboratory tools, designed to perform a variety of experiments, reactions, and distillations. Having four necks provides versatility, permitting simultaneous operation...
Flat Bottom Flasks Jointed Two Neck
$15.98 – $799.98
Double-neck Flat Bottom Flasks are essential pieces of lab equipment, allowing for simultaneous operations via their double-neck design. Their ability to facilitate control over complex experiments and reactions makes them...
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