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Claisen Still Head Adapter
$39.98 – $44.98
The Claisen Still Head Adapter is an essential piece of laboratory distillation equipment, often used in organic chemistry. This adapter facilitates the connection of various glass components, allowing for numerous...
Warming Coil Septa Support
A Warming Coil Septa Support is a tool to provide consistent, precise temperatures for chromatography. The device facilitates even heat distribution throughout the chromatographic column, enabling a controlled and stable...
U Bend Glass Connecting Adapter Distilling Tube Cone Joints
The U Bend Glass Connecting Adapter Distilling Tube Cone Joints is essential for laboratory distillation setup assembly, mainly used to secure connections between components in distillation systems, such as condensers,...
Short Path Jacketed Distillation Heads are an integral apparatus in laboratories, crafted specifically for efficient distillation operations and aids temperature control and condensation. They feature a design that facilitates short path...
Cone Adapters Straight with PTFE Stopcock
$24.98 – $49.98
Cone adapters straight with PTFE stopcocks are used in the laboratory for regulated liquid transfer between apparatus. Their straight cone design provides exact and managed flow of liquids. Furthermore, the...
Dean Stark Distillation Receiver Graduated
$74.98 – $94.98
The Dean Stark Distillation Receiver Graduated is a necessary tool for laboratories to achieve accurate, efficient separation of immiscible liquids. It is specially designed for the Dean Stark method and...
Air Condenser column
$19.98 – $59.98
Air Condenser Borosilicate Glass is composed of a straight tube and a coiled inner pipe, gas and vapor condensation occurs through the passage of a coolant. Well-suited for distillation systems,...
Glass Celsius Thermometer
Glass Celsius thermometer includes a 600mm tube of mercury for precise temperature readings in laboratory and industrial settings. It has a wide temperature range due to the expansion of mercury...
Glass Celsius Thermometer Mercury
This Glass Celsius Thermometer accurately measures temperatures and a length of 450mm allows temperature readings at various depths or altitudes within different containers or setups. Glass Celsius thermometers come with...
Silicone Tubing
$10.98 – $49.98
Silicone Tubing is highly pliable, so can be easily arranged and adjusted, conveying liquids and gases without obstruction. The strong silicone material is resilient to high and low temperatures, meaning...
Constant Pressure Equalising Addition Rotaflow Funnel
$32.97 – $39.98
The Constant Pressure Equalising Addition Rotaflow Funnel is an essential tool for laboratories, providing a consistent liquid addition rate. The funnel maintains constant pressure while adding liquids, ensuring a regulated...
Glass Constant Pressure Equalizing Funnels
$37.98 – $84.98
Glass Pressure Equalizing Funnels are must-have instruments in lab settings, designed for consistent liquid transfers. The addition of a sidearm ensures pressure release during transport, while their borosilicate glass construction...
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