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Test tube with cork
$59.98 – $194.96
Test tubes with corks are versatile vessels that are useful for researchers, chemists, and biologists, in various laboratory applications When sealed with corks, test tubes seal substances and mitigates the...
Lab Safety Goggles
$12.98 – $16.98
Lab Safety Goggles are essential protective equipment designed to defend the eyes from potential hazards within laboratory settings. They act as barrier against chemical splashes, dust, and other floating particles...
PTFE Stirring Rod Magnetic Retriever
$39.98 – $89.98
PTFE Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever is an essential tool for reliably collecting magnetic stir bars without disruption. Its PTFE-made construction provides superior chemical resistance, making it suitable for dealing with...
jacketed coil condenser
$89.98 – $179.98
A Jacketed Coil Condenser is a essential lab equipment, offering superior cooling and condensation. Its coil-in-jacket design ensures maximum heat exchange, improving efficiency of the process, especially when distilling. Jacketed...
Vacuum Filtration Kit Hand Held Vacuum Pump
$109.98 – $449.98
This Vacuum Filtration Kit With Hand Held Vacuum Pump is the perfect tool for laboratories that need efficient filtration solutions. Its convenient design and portable hand-held pump offer powerful suction,...
Tripod Stand Triangular
$9.98 – $11.98
Tripod Stand Triangular, Cast Iron make it a dependable platform to use in various heating and experimental operations. The triangular design of the stand offers extra balance, ensuring no wobbling...
Oil water Separator Receiver
$44.98 – $74.98
The Oil Water Separator Receiver stands as a critical apparatus across industries, specifically designed to efficiently separate oil and water mixtures and water amalgamations. This makes it an indispensable tool...
Vacuum Rubber Adapters
Natural Rubber Adapters: Ideal for Filtration Flask Vacuum Kit. VACUUM RUBBER ADAPTERS to FIT Various sizes Filtration Flasks UPTO 5000ML : 7Pcs/Set
Jacketed Flasks
$699.98 – $1,198.98
Jacketed Flasks are essential for any research lab, featuring an additional layer -- usually glass -- which encases the main flask. This separation creates an insulated space, enabling users to...
Silicone Adapters Filtering Flask
Vacuum Silicone Adapters: Ideal for Filtration Flask Vacuum Kit. VACUUM SILICONE ADAPTERS to FIT Various sizes Filtration Flasks UPTO 5000ML: 7Pcs/Set
Water distillation Kit
$2,899.98 $1,999.98
A Water Distillation Kit is an indispensable tool for generating safe drinking water, as it is an efficient approach to purify water for consumption. The kit boils the water to...
Glass Blowing Tubes 14mm OD
$22.98 – $139.98
Glass Blowing Tubes 14mm OD are essential to glassworking and laboratory operations and can handle high temperatures, has long-lasting durability, and precise measurements. These features make them invaluable for producing...
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