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Condenser Jacketed Coil
$79.98 – $99.98
Graham Reflux Condensers are commonly employed in distillation and reflux processes. Featuring a distinctive spiral construction, these condensers present an increased surface area for condensation, subsequently driving heated vapors back...
Separatory Funnel PTFE Stopcock Kit
$64.98 – $329.98
This separating funnel kit with a PTFE stopcock, is an indispensable tool for precise liquid separations in laboratory settings. It's engineered to reliably and precisely extract elements based on their density...
Oil Centrifuge Tubes
Oil Centrifuge Tubes separate oil from water or other liquids via centrifugal force. Composed of uncompromising, chemically resistant, these tubes can endure the extreme velocities and pressures generated during the...
Molecular Sieve
$48.98 – $219.98
Molecular sieves are a cornerstone of numerous industries, engineered to provide superior adsorption and dimensional stability, and to optimize moisture removal and purification. These sieves have an excellent capacity for...
Cow Distillation Adapter
$32.98 – $69.98
Cow Distillation Receiver, Lab Vacuum Distribution AdapterMade From Borosilicate Glass 3.3Socket Adapter Joint is 24/29 and the Receiver Adapters Cone joints Sizes: 14/23, 19/23, and 24/29.
Test Tube Stands Foldable
13mm*90 Tubes16mm*60 Tubes20mm*40 Tubes25mm*24 Tubes30mm*21 Tubes
$16.88 $12.98
Test Tube Stands Foldable provides efficient and convenient storage options for laboratory test tubes. With a folding design, these stands allow for easy transport and compact storage, with various configurations...
Digital PH Tester Pen
This Digital pH Tester Pen is a precise, portable tool for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of solutions. Its digital display provides immediate, accurate readings, making it useful for a...
Glass Blowing Tubes 8mm
$9.98 – $94.98
Glass Blowing Tubes with 8mm diameter provide essential support for glassblowing and laboratory needs. These tubes are the perfect choice for crafting intricate sculptures, designs, and custom laboratory glassware, boasting...
MIcrolit Lilpet Pro
Microlit Lilpet Pro: Designed for Comfort: MICROLIT LILPET PRO has an optimum size – 130 mm in length – for high user comfort during pipetting. Two-step Plunger Operation: MICROLIT LILPET PRO comes with...
Glass Mullers Pigment Gringding Tool
smallmediumlarge450mm X 225mm X 12mm
$47.98 – $104.98
Glass Muller Pigment Grinding Tool: A perfect tool used for grinding dispersing pigment, both an oil or water base. The flat smooth base can be used on an even grinding surface...
Centrifuge Tubes Round Bottom Glass
Centrifuge tubes round bottom graduated. Made of Borosilicate 3.3 Glass, 100ml graduated tubes with the rim.Product Specification:Volume: 100mlDiam.: 40mmHeight: 115mmGraduations: 2 ml
Pinch clip for tubing
Pinch Clip for Tubing are imperative parts for controlling fluid flow in different scenarios. These clips grip the tubing securely and prevent spillage, offering a practical means for managing the...
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