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Bar Stirring Retriever Flexible
Bar Stirring Retriever Flexible provides an easy and effective way of retrieving stirring bars from liquid solutions. Its ability to conform to multiple vessel shapes and sizes makes it a reliable...
Ball Clever Catch
Ball Clever Catch is an ideal tool for introducing science lessons in classrooms, groups of any size, and at-home settings for developing an understanding of the topic. Players take turns throwing...
NERO Variable Volume Micropipettes
NERO Single Channel, Variable Volume Micropipettes MICROLIT NERO, an exclusive range of ergonomic micropipettes with advanced technologies like UniCal® and μAir® – that ensures high precision and accuracy in practical lab environments....
Glass Blowing Super Thick Tubes 25mm
$16.00 – $77.00
22mm OD Glass Blowing Tubes Super Thick Wall 1.8mm effectively facilitate shaping and fabrication of glassware for laboratory, scientific and glass working applications. These tubes provide excellent thermal resistance and...
Glass Blowing Super Thick Tubes 25mm
$23.00 – $130.00
Glass Blowing Tubes Super Thick Wall 2.5mm - 25mm OD grant increased durability and heat resistance for use in laboratory and industrial settings. This strengthened structure enables the tubes to...
Glass Blowing Tubes 16 mm Super Thick Wall
$54.00 – $157.00
Glass Blowing Tubes 16mm Super Thick Wall are vital instruments in glassblowing and laboratory applications where robust and durable tools are essential. The increased thickness of these tubes allows for...
Filtering Flask PP
$39.00 – $69.00
The Filtering Flask PP is a laboratory tool carefully designed to support a multitude of filtration protocols. Highly resilient to solvents and reagents, this tough yet flexible model is the...
Soxhlet Extraction Set with Coil Condenser
Soxhlet Extraction Set with Coil Condenser is commonly used in laboratories for continuous extraction and purification of compounds from solid samples. This setup consists of a Soxhlet extractor, a round-bottom...
TLC Chambers Chromatography
TLC Chambers are instrumental for running chromatographic separations of mixtures. The chamber holds and runs the TLC plate, which is composed of a thin layer of absorbent material on top...
Silicone Beaker Cover
Lid for 250ml BeakerLid for 500/600/800MLLid for 1000MLLid for 2000ML
$3.00 – $4.00
The Beaker Cover/LId is made of Silicone. Item Code For Low form Beaker Size Pack SIL0680-01 250ML Each SIL0680-02 500/600/800ML Each SIL0680-03 1000ML Each SIL0680-04 2000ML Each
Lab Glass Reactor Benchtop
A Lab Glass Reactor Benchtop is an essential part of laboratory equipment, utilized for conducting chemical reactions. These reactors offer precise, dependable operation. Temperature and pressure can be regulated with...
Glass Reactor With Metal Jacket
A Glass Reactor with Metal Jacket is an essential tool for laboratory use. The transparency of the glass allows for observation and monitoring of reactions, while the metal jacket adds...
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