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Bar Breaker Cast Iron
A Bar Breaker Cast Iron allows for the study of heat expansion and contraction, showcasing the significant amount of force involved in the process. It features a steel bar held...
Laser View Kit
$107.90 – $198.90
The Laser View Kit includes custom prisms and bars designed to make laser beams visible when passing through plastic. These prisms match the shapes of the Hodson Light Box kit,...
Calorimeter Box and Lid
The Calorimeter Box and Lid Styrene Foam Insulation provide a thermally isolated environment for conducting accurate calorimetry experiments, allowing for precise measurements of heat transfer during chemical reactions or physical...
Brass Bar and Gauge
This Brass Bar and Gauge with Insulating Handle utilizes thermal expansion principles, the brass bar expands when heated, causing the gauge to move in relation to a scale. This hands-on...
Flat Glass Plates for Interference Experiment
The Flat Glass Plates Flat Glass Plates for Interference Experiment are used for demonstrating Newton rings. These are patterns formed as light passes from a dense medium, through an extremely...
Calorimeter Cup Copper
$8.19 – $113.10
The Calorimeter Cup provides a controlled environment for accurately measuring heat loss and heat gain. It allows researchers and scientists to determine the energy changes associated with processes like combustion,...
Carbon Rods Graphite
75mm x 6mm100mm x 10mm
$7.15 – $13.00
Carbon Rods Graphite can be used for electrodes in various experiments involving current passing through liquids. Also used in experiments on heat, burning and many others. The are useful for...
Basic Electronics Kit
This Basic Electronics Kit is designed for conducting basic experiments in electric and electronic circuits. It covers topics such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, LEDs, lamps, rectification and filtering principles,...
Air Cored Inductor Coil
This coil utilizes the same design and format as the coils found in the IEC small Demonstration Transformer and included in the "Hodson" Induction Kit. It features 2 x 4mm...
Charge on a Capacitor Constant Current
The Charge on a Capacitor Constant Current charging setup is ideal for conducting experiments, testing designs, calibrating, and performing research and development in a controlled and educational setting. It comes...
Aepinus Air Insulated Capacitor
The Aepinus Air Insulated Capacitors is a type of capacitor used in electrical circuits for storing and releasing electrical energy. These are essential in applications related to electricity and magnetism,...
Capacitor Box
$179.40 – $520.00
The Capacitor Box allows for the introduction of an adjustable capacitance value into any electrical circuit. The box operates on a 'Make before Break' switching arrangement, ensuring that the circuit...
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