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Crucible Gooch Filtration With Lid
$4.00 – $6.00
The Crucible Gooch Filtration With Lid is an essential laboratory tool for precise separations of solids and liquids, especially when analyzing chemicals and materials. This crucible is fitted with a...
Demonstration Compass
A Demonstration Compass is a great way to explain the fundamental principles of magnetism, as well as the Earth's magnetic field. Through a compass demonstration, students can witness how the...
$5.00 – $9.00
Clamp Spherical Joint serves a vital role in affixing and steadying lab equipment, especially cylindrical objects or glassware. This clamp offers extensive rotary mobility and fine-tuning thanks to its spherical...
Biology Charts
Biology Charts provide a vital visual reference for classrooms and laboratories, providing concise and comprehensive depictions of biological principles, processes, and structures. These educational tools promote learning and understanding of...
Caliper Vernier
$7.00 – $34.00
The Caliper Vernier is an essential tool for precisely measuring lengths, depths, and diameters. It allows measurements as small as fractions of a millimeter, giving users a unmatched level of...
Alcohol Burner Stand
Burner Alcohol Stand is designed to increase convenience and accuracy in laboratory settings. Its adjustable height offers enhanced visibility and control when operating alcohol burners, facilitating more precise experiments. A...
Alcohol Burner Spare Wick
1 pc / pack2 pc / pack5 pc / pack10 pc / pack20 pc / pack50 pc / pack100 pc / pack
$1.00 – $39.00
An Alcohol Burner Spare Wick replaces the one that has become degraded, unusable, or is otherwise not functioning effectively. A well-functioning wick is key for safe operation with the alcohol burner. Its...
Wash Bottle Labelled
Wash Bottle Labelled is a versatile piece of laboratory equipment used for various purposes in laboratory settings. It's used to dispense small amounts of liquid, often distilled water or other...
Block Calorimeter
$39.00 – $65.00
Block Calorimeter Aluminium is used to precisely measure the thermal capacity of metals, a thermodynamics and calorimetry must-have. It accurately measures heat transfer during physical or chemical reactions. Its aluminum block...
Bell Jar Experiment Kit
Bell Jar Experiment Kit which takes its name from its conical form, comes with a vacuum plate and a battery-operated electric bell. This pump plate and bell jar can be...
Beehive Shelf Porcelain
$3.00 – $5.00
Beehive Shelf Porcelain can be used to securely hold a receptacle or tube while gas is collected above a water-filled pneumatic trough. This accessory is designed to provide a stable...
Barometer Aneroid Gilt
A Barometer Aneroid Gilt detects atmospheric pressure. The exterior gilt finish resists wear and tear and adds an esthetic touch to the instrument. An Aneroid Barometer functions without liquid, unlike...
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