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Boyle's Law Apparatus High Pressure with Air Pump No Mercury
$13.78 – $413.40
This Boyle's Law Apparatus High Pressure performs a high pressure experiment without mercury, using a safe fluid and an adjustable pointer on a gauge to measure the reduced air volume...
Boyle's Law Apparatus Syringe Type
$4.03 – $68.90
The Boyle's Law Apparatus Syringe Type is used to demonstrate Boyle's law, showing how gas pressure changes with volume at a constant temperature. It applies to experiments in physics and...
Boyle's Law Apparatus Low Pressure 1m No Mercury
$22.49 – $243.10
The Boyle's Law Apparatus Low Pressure 1m No Mercury is a high-quality instrument designed for gas volume and pressure experiments. It has a classic arrangement of open and closed glass...
Laser View Prism
Laser View Prisms are specialized optical components used to manipulate laser beams. They can redirect, reflect, or split laser beams and are commonly used in optics experiments, research, and industrial...
Bar Breaker Rods Cast Iron
The Bar Breaker Rods Cast Iron are specifically designed for the 'bar breaker' tool. These rods are inserted through a hole in the bar breaker, and when the bar is...
Absorber and Radio Active Source Support Rack
This specialized rack is designed to securely hold both the radioactive source and chosen absorber in perfect alignment.  Product Code: SE.PA0031-001 Brand: IEC
Recording Timer Kit
This durable Recording Timer Kit is commonly used in schools and is able to withstand vibration without needing to be clamped down. It can also be held on a retort...
Air Track Standard Operation Kit
$3.38 – $488.80
Air tracks are commonly used in physics education to demonstrate principles of motion, with minimal friction. The kit includes a track, gliders, and accessories for experiments and demonstrations. A manual...
Linear Air Track
$260.59 – $1,353.98
The Linear Air Track enables the examination of mechanics, in both quantitative and qualitative aspects, by offering a nearly frictionless platform for conducting a wide variety of experiments. It is...
Air Track Spark Generator and Cables
$12.87 – $1,051.18
The Spark Generator is used for measurements on Linear Air Tracks when using 'Spark Recording' instead of Photo Gates. The gliders, fixed with a metal electrode each, generate sparks that...
Air Source for Air Tracks and Tables
$44.98 – $416.98
This mains operated air blower, known as the Air Source for Air Tracks and Tables Variable Speed, is compact, visually appealing, and allows for adjustable speed control to meet a...
$124.80 – $361.40
Electric amplifiers increase electrical signals, audio amplifiers amplify audio signals, and dual amplifiers have two channels for stereo and audio. A. Electric / High Impedance: Amplifies small currents for easy measurement...