Autoclaving plastic and glass

A Guide to Autoclave Laboratory Plastics and Glass

The most preferred method of sterilizing laboratory equipment and tools is an autoclave. Basic autoclaving apparatus, much similar to a pressure cooker, use a combination of heat, pressure, and steam to sterilize lab materials made of both glass and plastic. Steam heat kills bacteria, germs and other spores which are simply resistant to boiling water and soap. Thus, autoclaving is the most effective way of controlling microbial levels for laboratory apparatus like containers, bottle caps, and medical instruments. Material selection [...]


Science Laboratory: Symbols, Signs and their Meanings

Science Laboratory: Symbols, Signs and their Meanings If you have ever visited a science laboratory, you must have come across several symbols and signs displayed on the walls or near science equipment. A science laboratory is a place which is exposed to harmful substances since a number of experiments are conducted there. Hence, as a science lab visitor, you should be aware of these symbols. Here is your handy guide to decoding the meaning of symbols in a science lab. Corrosive This sign [...]


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