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Uses of Micropipette and Li’lpet

Both micropipettes and li’lpet are used in science laboratories. Both are used to measure and deliver accurate volumes of liquid. Let’s look at their uses. Micropipette Micropipettes can be commonly seen in chemistry, environmental science, research, academic, pharmaceutical, biology, paint, and forensic labs. They are used to transfer small quantities of liquid. They are available in volume ranging between 0.2 – 1000 uL and sizes ranging between P2-P1000. The tips of micropipette are disposable and come as autoclavable attachments so that [...]

What are Hydrometers and its uses

What are Hydrometers and its uses

A hydrometer is a laboratory instrument used to measure the specific gravity of liquids. The gravity is defined as the relative density which is arrived at a density of that liquid divided by the density of water. There is a very interesting history behind the invention of hydrometers. It is believed that it was developed by the Greek scholar Hypatia of Alexandria after a bishop named Synesius of Cyrene requested him to do in a letter. So, its origin can [...]

Nitrile v/s Latex

Nitrile Vs Latex Gloves

There are various types of laboratory gloves that are used for different applications in science labs. But the most commonly used are nitrile and latex gloves. Each has its own uses and advantages. Before you make the choice between two, it is important to understand their attributes in detail. Nitrile Gloves These gloves are made of synthetic material. Stretchy, durable and highly chemical-resistant, they are mainly used for protection against chemicals, viruses and infectious materials. If you suffer from latex allergies, [...]

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Importance of Wearing Gloves in a Laboratory

It is always recommended to wear lab safety products while handling science lab equipment. Apart from the appropriate face and headgear, it is also important to put on gloves for protecting your hands. Here are various reasons why you should wear laboratory gloves: Safeguard Your Hand Skin You work with various chemicals and other materials in a science laboratory. Some of these can be hazardous and cause harm to the skin of your hands. You may get infection and contamination if you [...]

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The Importance of Advanced Science Lab Equipment in School Labs

Schools need to be fully equipped with science lab equipment for high-quality teaching. The knowledge imparted through physical handling of materials is a great way to teach the nuances of a complex subject like science. So, out of the box learning is a must for science education in schools. Theoretical lessons learned from books need to be practically understood by students in labs where they handle processes and learn how action leads to reaction. So, school science labs should [...]

Laboratory equipments and technology trends

Important Laboratory Equipments and Technology Trends

A science laboratory can be more efficient when it is equipped with quality technology that assists in fast and accurate functioning. Scientific advances in laboratory equipment, as well as testing methodology which are available these days can be utilized in both large-and small-scale laboratories. Here are the four latest trends that can make a lab more efficient. Smaller Lab Equipment You can now shun huge and space-occupying machinery and bring in smaller equipment as their replacement. With more and more lab apparatus [...]

Efficient Laboratory

Tips for Building Optimized and Efficient Labs

Optimal lab designing is a task that demands a high level of planning. Typically, it should involve all important links in the chain from the scientists and students to managers and maintenance staff who can contribute with valuable inputs requiring exact requirements. All the major functional teams in the lab need to have meaningful discussions to provide comprehensive information to the lab designer and architect for maximum optimization and efficiency. Here are the best tips to keep in mind for [...]

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Common Lab Glassware and its Uses

Glassware is a common material found extensively in laboratories in the form of equipment. Since their inception, laboratories have demanded and utilized various types of glass materials according to their specific experimental requirements and reagents used. While standard consumer-grade or ‘soda-lime’ glass is adequate for normal use, borosilicate glass expands lesser. Thus it is more tolerant to rapid heat and cold changes. When labs need glass heating to temperatures higher than 450 degrees, fused silica is the best option [...]

Go Green

Pro Tips for Going Green in the Lab

Running a laboratory can have a huge impact on the environment. The various testing and research equipment, chemicals and their storage, sterilization processes, energy usage and many other aspects of the lab can leave huge carbon footprints and also incur higher costs. While none of these factors can be eliminated, adopting greener processes can curb the adverse environmental impact to a considerable extent. Going green is not as difficult and expensive as it looks. If you want to make your [...]

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5 Must Rules and Guidelines to be Followed in Every Laboratory

A laboratory is a place where new researches and experiments are an inherent part of their existence. But apart from being a Mecca of innovations and discoveries, laboratories are also a place where accidents can occur easily due to the risks involved in working with equipment, chemicals, and other hazardous substances. If you want to avoid frequent accidents, you must set up a set of safety rules to be followed. Here are the 5 most necessary rules that should be [...]